Interview: Busdriver
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Date Stamp: April 5, 2007

T: What is your relationship with indie rock or at least the indie rock crowd?

B: I just go where the attention is. I'm definitely aware of the distinctions between music but my career can't be dictated on those distinctions. I have to go where people I'm compatible with are, or where the work is. Or if I'm interested in a group, regardless of what they're doin', I have to try to be involved with that. Everything is a really natural progression, I don't have enough foresight or enough resources to really craft anything that I end up doing. As far as my relationship with indie bands and stuff like that, it's just that's where music is. I'm not just fenced into the Hip-Hop thing and people who do Hip-Hop. There's a broader goal at the end of the day.

T: How did you end up doing a record with Epitaph?

B: I had basically been begging them to pick me up for a couple years. I think it's a pretty obvious choice to go with Epitaph, me and Epitaph. They've been successful with a bunch of indie rap stuff over the last couple years, with Atmosphere, and Dangerdoom, and the Coup, and all that jazz. So, that's pretty much how we made that choice. And being labelmates with Tom Waits and Marion Faithful and people like that, that's also a big perk.

T: Your video for Imaginary Places garnered some good attention, have you done a video since?

B: I did one for Avantcore from Fear of a Black Tangent, my last record. I don't know who sees these things. I'd like to do some more videos. Unfortunately I never have the budget for them but hopefully I'll do another one soon.

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