Interview: Mysonne
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Date Stamp: April 6, 2007

T: Jae Millz been holdin' you down. You and him are both part of the Wanna Blow family, speak on that.
M: Well, that's the family. Wanna Blow was started back in '98...'97 or '98, and I was like the first Wanna Blow artist. So, you know, it's the family. I remember when Jae Millz was a youngin and they brought him to the studio. I kept him around me in the studio because he was talented. So, to see him grow and maintain that loyalty and do what he's doin', it's beautiful. I'm proud of him. I just hope I can return the favour. All the shout outs, the love he's been giving me, I just want to be able to live up to that expectation. That's what I do, I find myself in the studio working hard daily. Creating more and more songs. I got hundreds of songs.

T: What you think about that DJ Drama and Don Cannon situation that happened earlier in the year?
M: I don't really have any comment. You got to get how you live, but when you get it how you live, you got to accept the consequences that come with gettin' it how you live. I wish them the best. I definitely don't wish jail time on nobody. I hope they get around the situation. But as far as me, that's not really my business to make a judgement on it.

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