Interview: B.O.B.
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Date Stamp: April 30, 2007

Thick: Who you are, where you from and what you about.

B.O.B.: B-O-B, B-O Bizzle from Eastside Atlanta, Decatur to be exact. I feel like I bring something different to the music because I exaggerate doin' me a whole lot. Just doin' me, not tryin' to make music for other people. Just doin' what I feel. When you doin' music that you feel, other people fuck with it 'cause you doin' it for yourself. When you just tryin' to make a hit, people can tell.

T: You got a couple joint floating around out there right now, tell us a couple tracks people might recognize.

B.O.B.: Cloud 9, Gangsta, Daddy's Girl, I just did a song with Wes Fif called Haterz, Heavy Breather with Willie Joe and Bo Hagon, then I got a DJ Smallz mixtape out.

T: Don't you got a song out there with Pitbull too?

B.O.B.: Yeah, damn, forgot all about that shit. Actually, I think there's two of 'em. It's the Showstopper remix, me and Pitbull on that, we got a song called Wild Out, me, Pitbull, T-Pain, and the Money In the Bank remix, me and Pitbull is on there. So, you know, I did a couple songs with Pitbull.

T: Tell us about the signing.

B.O.B.: I'm signed to super-producer Jim Jonsin's independent label through Atlantic called Rebel Rock. So, I'm the first artist on Rebel Rock/Atlantic.

T: People tend to be comparing you to Andre3000. I don't see it but the name B.O.B. automatically makes me think of Bombs Over Baghdad. So, what does the name stand for

B.O.B.: My real name is Bobby-Ray, I got that country name. But Willie Joe, we was outside the club one day, and he called me B.O.B. It just stuck with me since then. Names have just been accumulated like it started out Business Over Bullshit, Business Over Bitches, Bring One Blunt, Bring One Beer, Bring One Broad, Brains Over Bullets, Bullets Over Bullets, I like Big Ol' Booties, Bend Over Baby, baby used to be my Bend Over Buddy, if you want to get political with it Bombs Over Baghdad. It's whatever.

T: Is the album complete and how much of the album is Jim producing?

B.O.B.: I'm doing most of the production and I got a couple bangin' shits with Jim on it, and a couple other lil' producers I fuck with. The album is pretty much done. I'm just like wrapping it up, puttin' the bow on top, the sprinkles on top.

T: Doesn't Jim Jonsin have another label too?

B.O.B.: He works with South Beat Records.

T: But he owns Rebel Rock ?

B.O.B.: Yeah, he owns Rebel Rock. That's the movement.

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