Interview: Skyzoo
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Date Stamp: May 1, 2007

T: That's a great segue because I wanted you to talk about Dilla, I know he meant a lot to you.
S: Dilla was my hero. My inspiration for everything, besides Chi Ali which made me want to start rhyming. Dilla was really my drive, just seeing how incredible he was. I've never heard one wack beat from that dude a day in my life. Of course you gonna favor some over others but he's never been wack, he's always been outta this world. He was so ahead of his time. I met Dilla in 2004 at a Madvillian concert up here in New York, Dilla was like a suprise guest, no-one knew he would be there. I waited outside for the longest and I finally saw Dilla come out at four in the morning. We kicked it, we chopped it up. I told him how much of a fan I was, and I was in awe when I met him. Right away we switched numbers, we switched info and it was crazy. To this day I still have his cell phone number, I refuse to delete it. I would call him, we would chop it up on the phone. He would tell me about new things he had going on, and we would talk about beats, it was sick. That was one of the most incredible moments of my life, my career, everything. Just having his phone number and being able to call him, and him pick up the phone was crazy. It's something to this day, I don't believe it happened but it did, it happened to me. When he passed it crushed me just like it crushed the rest of the world. I did the Dilla tribute, "Sky's Last Donut", and it wound up being one of the top ten most downloaded songs in the country last April. It was in Spin Magazine, it was all over the net, it was all over the forums and the websites. Dilla was the greatest, there'll never be another to touch him, and I love him like family. We gon' keep the legacy alive.

T: Tell us about Custom Made.
S: Custom Made is a company and a crew that I started with two of my peoples, my man DJ Nyce and my man Extra. We started that a couple years ago, maybe like 2002, 2003. We got incorporated, everything is copyrighted, everything is on the books, we're an official company. It's just something we started to make great music on our own, to have our own studio, to have our own graphic artists in-house, to have our own photographers in-house, to have our own crew, our own producers around us, affiliation with big producers, as well as up and coming producers who are getting ready to be the next big thing. It was just about doing everything internally, and doin' everything with the family. You're only as strong as the person next to you, and you're only as strong as that link on that chain you with. We decided to build a strong family and we got some incredible artists. My man Torae, who was on the Primo song with me, my man Zeqway, my man Yatta Barz, my man Wrecka, there's a good amount of us. We're just here to do it. We're here to make incredible music. And the reason why we chose the name Custom Made is because we feel like when we make music it's relatable to anybody and everybody. It's like when you get a shirt custom made for you or a pair of pants custom made for you, it's only fittin' you. It's made perfect for you, it's made to fit you 100% perfectly and nobody else. And when we make music, we feel like even if we don't know who you are, we never met you but when you hear our music you're gonna feel like we made it just for you, like we made it to only fit you because it fits you in your life so perfectly and you relate to it so much you gon' feel like it's custom made.

T: You have a connection to Sickamore also.
S: Sickamore's a friend of mine up at Atlantic. We're actually from the same building, the same projects, Ebbets Field Projects. He lived a couple floors down from me. He's doing some incredible things at Atlantic. The thing with him is he's so young and he's doing so much. That's an inspiration to anybody, let alone me, but anybody else trying to do it in Hip-Hop or trying to do it in general.

T: You have an official situation yet?
S: No, I don't have a situation. We taking meetings everyday, me and my management, my man Rick Caps. People are hollering at us wanting to know what's going on, how can they be down with the Skyzoo movement. We're just taking it as it comes. We're definitely trying to make something pop by the summer. Cloud 9 really did a lot, man. Me and 9th Wonder did the album and it opened up doors.

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