Interview: Bobby Valentino
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Date Stamp: May 2, 2007

Thick: How do you feel about your solo career thus far?

Bobby Valentino: It's been a good run. Of course you have ups and downs but for the most part it's been real good for me. My saying is, it could be better, it could be worse. I'm gonna continue to work hard until I get to where I really want to be. I'ma continue to make good music because that's what it's about at the end of the day.

T: You got a single out with Timbaland that is doing extremely well, speak on the success and working with Timbo.

BV: It was great working with Timbaland. I've always been a Timbaland fan. For him to actually take the time out to come and get on the song and work on the beat, it's great. The song is extra hot, it's a song that I feel. I was just real happy to work with Timbaland. I was almost star struck and I'm not star struck with anybody but workin' with him, because I'm so much a fan of his, I had to take a couple deep breaths and come back to reality.

T: Is Valentino your last name?

BV: Nah, that's a stage name. That's one of my nicknames that was given to me a long time ago. It just stuck with me. The ladies used call me Valentino in school, so it might as well be my name.

T: We covered Mista when yall were a group, what ever happened? How was working with Organized Noize?

BV: During that Organized Noize era those guys were really top of their game, man. Just working with them, it really showed me a lot. I learned so much from them about music and about how songs should be made. I learned about doing music from the soul with Organized Noize. That was a great experience for me. I actually would love to work with them again. I actually still talk to them, I still talk to the Mista cats, and we still all cool.

T: What's it like working with Luda? And what's the word with the new DTP project?

BV: We working on a new DTP compilation album because the last album did very well. Just to be under Ludacris' wings, he's a big artist, he's won a Grammy. I don't talk too much when I'm around him, I just try to watch and learn as much as I can.

T: You considering going the Luda route and hitting Hollywood?

BV: Oh yeah, definitely. Probably the top of next year I'ma just go out to Cali and I'ma really focus on getting movies. Right now I just want to focus on this music though.

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