Interview: Jay Kin
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Date Stamp: June 10, 2007

Thick: Tell everybody who you are and where you're from.
Jaykin: I go by the name of Jaykin, comin' out of Vancouver...born and raised. Canada what's goin' on?

T: You were in a group called Usual Suspects, what's happening now?
J: Yeah, right now eveybody's working on their solo projects in the whole crew. So, I'm doing the same. Ever since No Time To Waste...there wasn't a lot of guest appearances on there. So, a lot of people been asking me, what's goin' on? But I'm still in the crew. I was mostly known as a guest appearance person, I had a few projects of my own but people didn't really get to see most of my solo stuff. So, now I'm just really giving it to them full rush.

T: Speak about some of the projects you've had out their in the last couple years.
J: As far as the, my first CD, solo CD, was the Vintage mixtape. That was at the end of 2004, December. Following that was No Time To Waste that came out in the summer of last year (2006). Around the same time, not to far before that, I put out a mixtape with E.D.G.E. called All-Star Flow. I've been on a lot of compilation albums...the Beat Street mixtape, I've been working with Ephin Clothing, they got a mixtape coming out.

T: Weren't you supposed to have a 12" coming out?
J: I'm glad you asked me that. I'm asking myself the same question. A lot of people been askin' me. I'm actually gonna be talking about that on my next mixtape, On The Humble. I was supposed to get a 12" from me winning the first Sound Clash (in Vancouver) last March. It's like, damn, I don't even know. I've been trying to get at the dude (who put it on). A lot of people warned me as far as business goes with this dude...I'm not here to spit on anybody's name but it is what it is.

T: Talk about this new group you got going.
J: Yeah, Lo Track, that's with myself, my producer Bluntologist, and a good friend of mine, Werd 1. We've been cool ever since highschool, that's when we started writing lyrics. Right now it's kinda on hiatus, Werd is outta town doing his thing, Bluntologist is really just grindin' on his's gonna come soon. The majority of the production is by Blunt and it's just gonna be like a more grimy feel to the whole album. It's gonna be good, expect that later this year.

T: What other producers you working with?
J: Right now I'm working with Bluntologist of course, Deli, he's from Seattle, Mattik, Roswell, Noble, he's from Seattle too...another production crew I've been working with right now are called Document Room outta California. I had met them up here, downtown at Dipt, one time when I was selling some CDs. I'm gonna be going down there to check 'em out.

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