Interview: Lil' Flip
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Date Stamp: June 12, 2007

T: You definitely got love for the West Coast. You got an album with Capone-E and I know you real down with Yukmouth, talk about your West Coast connections.

LF: In the I Get Money verse I say: "I told rappers/ I showed rappers I'm the best/ I'm the shit in New York but I'm a god in the West." They players out there, the way they got their beats is more laid back. Yukmouth always showed me love, he from the Bay, Nate Dogg always showed me love, Snoop Dogg and Daz and Kurupt always showed me love. When I had I Can Do That out and that was independent, I had a show with them in Austin and Snoop came up to me and was like, nephew I want to get on that I Can Do That. And I'm like, how in the fuck do you know about I Can Do That and we independent? He's like, I know about that shit. The West Coast always how me love, Felli Fel, Big Boy, everybody out there always show me love when I come out there. Plus, I got family out there. I used to stay in LA for four summers straight probably for a month. They got that goodie goodie.

T: You got a version of I Get Money with Jim Jones that ain't on the album, why not?

LF: What happened, Rick Ross, that's my homie, he came through and jumped on the I Get Money with me and I did a few remixes with him that we gon' put out on the streets in a while. For the video I did a whole different version and Jim Jones came through and jumped on the video for me. Ross is on the album version. What happened, it was a last minute thing and Jim was available to do the video and he came through.

T: Tell us who's on the Clover Geez label. We know Sqad Up are down but who else?

LF: The Sqad Up situation, they always had their own label, so it's more of a joint thing. Anything they want to do I stand by. They made a name for theyself by travelling with (Lil) Wayne and they put out a couple independent albums, and like fifteen mixtapes. They just signed a deal with Def Jam. As of now, it's just Sqad Up I'm working with, and a guy named Skinny Pimp outta Memphis, and a cat by the name of Leuitenant, he's from Mississippi, and another group named Full Effect. Those are the only artist I'm finna put out right now.

T: How did you get down with Skinny Pimp?

LF: By me being independent, I always used to see Skinny's music being sold, in Southwest Wholesale they have a book every month they put out, and they tell you who selling and all that shit. I got a chance to finally meet him in Memphis a couple times and, shit, we just decided to make shit happen. He make beats too,s o it's not like he's just a rapper.

T: What was suprising on the album was you got Collie Buddz guesting before anybody else worked with him. Did that get done at Columbia while you were there and then you got to leave with the track?

LF: Yeah, I did that record while I was on Columbia. Scott Storch made the record and we just wanted to make the record as hot as we could possibly make it.

T: What happened with the beef with you and Slim Thug

LF: Basically, I had a problem with another rapper and he took some lines that I said and thought I was saying them to him. But if it was him I woulda just said his name. We seen eachother a couple of times. Really it was a big misunderstanding and that's why I never said any shit back because my goal is to bring Houston up, not bring Houston down. It's water under the bridge.

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