Interview: Steve-O (Jackass)
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Date Stamp: June 13, 2007

T: You just goofing around on it?

SO: Yeah, man, I'm not taking anything seriously on it. I got songs like Crack Cocaine Feels So Good and Down With STDs. It's pretty major! There's gonna be all kinds of people on there you'd never think I'd be hanging out with. I've got no skills whatsoever but I sure know how to write funny rhymes!

T: Coolest celebrity you've had a chance to chill with?

SO: Paris Hilton is pretty cool. We were filming my new DVD called Steve-O Paparazzi Stuntman. Not sure when it'll be out, I got a whole lotta releases to get signed. She signed her's. Lindsay Lohan signed too. It's gonna be a rad DVD. On my site you can catch the trailer,

T: Everybody still hanging in the crew?

SO: Yeah, for sure, dude. We've got every reason to be celebrating.

T: Is there gonna be a Jackass 3?

SO: Who knows, man. I know Knoxville wants to do it.

T: What do you think of Bam's new TV show, Bam's Unholy Union?

SO: I think I'm funny on his bachelor party episode.

T: His wife's a dime, huh?

SO: Yeah, she is. She doesn't deserve to be treated the way he treats her though. We're at his bachelor party and he has her on speaker phone saying, "I love you Bam!" and he's all, "Well, fuck you bitch!" Somehow I don't see that as a recipe for a hit marriage. Whatever.

T: So, are you thinking of going down that marriage route any time soon?

SO: No way, man! No one would entrust me to take care of a hamster.

T: What's next for Steve-O?

SO: I got an episode of Cribs out now. I just filmed two television commercials that are pretty rad. I got more shoes coming out, a signature Steve-O shoe coming out from Sno Shoes.

T: Any words to the kiddies out there who wanna be like Steve-O?

SO: It doesn't matter what you want, it just matters how bad you want it. Everything is possible! Woo-ya!

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