Interview: James Valentine (Maroon 5)
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Date Stamp: June 25, 2007

T: You guys toured extensively the last few years…what was the coolest place you played and where to you hope to never have to go back to?

JV: (Laughs) I love spending time in Europe. London and Paris…amazing! Japan is also amazing, it’s a completely different world over there. I would just feel bad if I was gonna talk negatively about any place in the world and I’d be afraid it might get back to them, so I’m not gonna do that.

T: Where is one place you’d love to play that you haven’t yet?

JV: Oh, man. I would love to play in Dubai. I hear it’s crazy over there.

T: Yeah, I hear the streets are made of gold.

JV: I would love to see that!!

T: So, I was watching American Idol this season 'cause my buddy Blake made it onto the show…he did a few of your tunes on Idol and they were dope…how do you guys know him?

JV: Blake beatboxed his way onto our bus when we played in Seattle a long time ago. It was crazy. He went up and started beatboxing for our merch guy and he was so impressed he brought him back to do it for us. It’s really funny that was like four years ago when we first started touring.  He kept in touch with our drummer Ryan over the years but we hadn’t talked to him for a while and then all of a sudden it was like, “Hey isn’t that…B-Shorty!?!” That’s what he used to call himself, so it was cool he got on the show and got to do the song. 

T: Are you planning to maybe work with Blake on his solo debut?

JV: I think Ryan has been talking to him about it but I dunno, I don’t wanna talk before anything happens but maybe it’ll happen.

T: First single, Makes Me Wonder is on fire…what’s the next single?

JV: It’s Wake Up Call.

T: Is that the one where Adam murders someone?

JV: Yeah. It’s cool. It’s different for Adam. Usually he writes about girls and relationships and stuff and this one is just a story. 

T: So, he finds somebody messing with his girl and decides to start shooting?

JV: Yeah…but as far as I know Adam has never committed double murder.

T: When’s the tour?

JV: September and October. The dates should be up soon on

T: Openers?

JV: Too early to say but we have some pretty exciting ideas about some of the possibilities. 

T: Anything you wanna say to your Canadian fans who’ve been waiting for this new CD?

JV: I’m sorry it took so long…but it’s here, so go buy a couple copies!

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