Interview: Elephant Man
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Date Stamp: July 9, 2007

T: As the Energy God do you feel obligated to always come with the high-powered track? Do you ever just wanna do some lovers rock?
EM: The album Let's Get Physical, that's why I call it Let's Get Physical because this album got power songs, it got lovers songs, I got the song called Let's Get Physical that's crazy. When you're makin' love, man, you're gonna love that one, that one is awesome. We got a party song with me and Mya, you got another one with me and Rihanna, you got one with me and Mario Winan. Crazy, man.

T: You made a memorable appearance in Third World Cop, are you looking to do any more acting?
EM: I just did some acting in my brand new video 5-0. We runnin' from the cops, we did the video down in Little Haiti, and we runnin' from the cops, jumpin' through windows and all of dat. We ready for the actin' roles any time they come.

T: Puffy always brings something to the table when he's working on someone's project. So, what did he bring to the table for you?
EM: Puffy called Swizz Beatz and tell him he want him to produce a song on the album. Working with Swizz Beatz, that's crazy. Working with Mario Winans, that's crazy. And you know Puffy got the promotion world covered. So, that's another ting 'cause it don't make sense if you're doin' records and all of that and you're not doin' promotions and all of that. So, the promotion world was crazy because Puffy let me get meet people that you never meet before and that's what I like.

T: What new and upcoming dancehall are you feeling right now?
EM: Well, you got Deja Vu, you got Tornado, you got Singing Craig...

T: When you signed with Bad Boy did you sign a multi-album deal?
EM: Yeah, three albums.

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