Interview: Redman
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Date Stamp: July 8, 2007

T: Speaking of Def Squad, what's the word with Keith and E?

R: We ready to go.

T: Yall got music recorded for it?

R: We got enough to set it off. We just looking for a deal. I've been waiting for this album to come out. I couldn't get no distribution deal, I couldn't sign no deals until Def Jam got their album. Now that the album is in, I can do deals.

T: We've spoke to a lot of the Def Jam roster that was there before all the changes, they're very bitter. You seem much more positive about the new Def Jam.

R: I don't mind it. I love it. Def Jam know that I'm a boss. I think that other artist have felt like Def Jam hasn't done their job because they (the artist) didn't have a plan. They was still in the earlier times where they thought Def Jam was going to do all the work. Now a days independency is the key. I did my homework, so in other words, I wasn't going to wait for Def Jam to do anything for me. I'm not looking to get high numbers the first week and all that crap. Fuck all that bullshit. That's where a lot of people fall at, when they looking for high numbers. When they don't get the numbers, they like, why this, why that. So, I'm out here promoting, I'm doing a radio tour, and I'm letting the world know, I'm coming out with an album whether Def Jam going to do it or not. You want to make people work with you, not work for you. That's the relationship I want to keep.

T: That's good to hear because we talked to Meth and all he could is gripe.

R: That's my brother, man. I wish I could have showed him the plan before he came out. I guess he was just moving too fast. I heard about him complainin' and LL complainin'. These are my brother and I love 'em to death. We've been down at the label for years. Even if Def Jam didn't do they job, I would be a fool to be complainin' about 'em. I would never complain about a man stopping me from my money. That's foolish. I'ma go get that shit whether Def jam like it or not, ya heard?

T: Is this new cover a tribute to the Doc's the Name cover from a couple years back?

R: Yeah, the same guy who did the Doc's the Name cover, did this cover. Brat Digital. Me and him going to be doing a whole lot of things. Look out for that, I'm coming out with cartoons and stuff.

T: Tell us about your sneaker store in Long Island.

R: It's gonna be sneaker store for all athletic kinda gear, especially for skateboarders. Please look out for us. Me and my man Tariq from Against the Grain Barbershop, we 'bout to put it down out there, build an entity with that. I always wanted a sneaker store when I was young. And after I do that, I'ma open one up in my own hood, Newark.

T: Since you last been out there's been some New Jersey coming in the game. Who you looking out for?

R: My Brick City artists is Ready Roc and Runt Dog. I got a mixtape out, Live From the Bricks, featuring DJ Scoob Doo, and these artists are on there tearin' the mic down. You gotta listen to it.

T: I'm pretty sure you were the first rapper to mention Branson. Speak on that relationship.

R: Me and Branson been tight for years. Branson is an icon in Uptown Harlem. He has seen eveybody come through his spot from Biggie Smalls to Cash Money Millionaires. Me and Biggie was the first guys who ever start saying his name. He just did a mixtape and I was on it. I had to be a part of it.

T: How did the single with Timbo come together? How was it to work with Timbaland?

R: Whenever you talk to Timbaland you ask him how was it to work with Redman. He'll tell you, he couldn't even keep up. Timbaland is the kinda producer where he'll come in and make a couple beats to see if you'll write to 'em, to see if you're lazy or not. Okay, this is how we gon' start it? Alright. He left two beats, I wrote them two beats in one night and did 'em. He had to come back in the next day. He asked the engineer, did he finish the joints? Yeah, he finished, he ready for the next two. So, he comes back in and lays another two. Then, I airred them shits out in the same way. Bang, bang, bang. He couldn't even keep up with me. I was writing rhymes doing songs as quick as he was doin' the beats.

T: What's up with the other joint yall did?

R: He got 'em. Them shit's is fire. Fiyah! In fact, I might be using one on Muddy Waters 2.

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