Interview: Swizz Beatz [Producer Series 2.0]
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Date Stamp: October 1, 2007

T: Your single was recieved well and the remix was huge, what is this album about? What's different from your last album?

SB: My last record was a compilation, this album is an album. One Man Band Man is myself as an artist leading the singles, leading the album. There's very few features. I'm raising my profile and letting everybody know that I do this thing for real, and I'm not trying to be the best rapper lyrically or nothing like that. I'm just trying to be creative and have people dancing to my stuff. I've been noticing in a lot of interviews everybody's like trying to compare me to Nas and all those dudes. Those dudes is rappers, I'm an entertainer. I not trying to even compete lyrically. I go in the booth and I say what I feel, and that's that. Everybody want you to be KRS-1 or the most lyrical people in the world, I'm not here for that. I'm here to have fun. I'm here to have people listen to different sounds that they're not used to hearing everyday. Just like my single Money In the Bank, it's the only hook out that sound like that. Everybody else is using T-Pain soundin' voice, I done used some whole other voice, some space voice on 'em. I don't got no rules, I'm just trying to push to the next level and whoever can't keep up with me get left.

T: You get paid for the beats but you do the hook often and bring that Swizzy energy, does that cost extra? How 'bout to show for the video?

SB: It definitely could be like that but I have so much love for the music that sometimes I be forgetting about all that stuff. I remember when it's the day you gotta come to the video and the people you're doing that favour for is being real crazy like, you need to come here now! Calling me last minute, not being unorganized. Then, I'll be like, yall actin' like yall paid me for this, yall ain't paid me for this. Then, I'm like, man, I should have charged them for that shit. So, that's why now I charge people 'cause it's a business now, it ain't like I'm doing favours.

T: A lot of people tried to put you in a box in the beginning and say, these are Swizz' limitations, this is what he can do. But then you came back with something fresh. Then, they called that limited. Now your back again, breaking out of the box. Is it planned?

SB: I'm very tuned into what I do, I'm very strategic. A lot of people they don't know what to think. Everybody want to predict your uprising and everybody want to predict your downfall. People think they have a lot of music education. I'm one of the trendsetters when it comes to the music. It becomes kinda hard because when I do something, a lot of people do it. Like I sampled the hook, why everybody went and sampled the hook, even though they criticized me for sampling in the hook. Everybody was criticizing, he's using Jay-Z too much. Then everybody started doing it, started slowing it down and whatever. I know when I broke out with it, people wasn't ready for it. That sounded like that's all I was doing but that's not what it was. I only did two at the time, it was just that everybody else was doing it. So, it made it sound like I had a lot of those songs out there and that's all I was doin'. I said okay, yall want to talk about me not being creative and doing Jay-Z for the hook? I'ma show you how creative I can get, I'ma put Daft Punk on the fuckin' hook. I'ma take you all to some whole other world, some techno shit, and then throw the Hip-Hop drums on it, then throw Busta on it, then make it a hit. That's how I came up with Touch It. Once again the music was moved to another level. That's how Kanye can go sample Daft Punk on his new single called Stronger and don't got to do too much explaining, you know what I'm sayin'?

T: Let us know some equipment you're fond of.

SB: I use an MPC 3000, any keyboard, a CDJ, and ProTools, that's it. I don't got no big, grand set-up. I don't need a big, grand set-up to make my ideas come to life.

T: Is there any electronics companies that you test for or are there any companies that come to you for consultation?

SB: Nah, not yet. I was supposed to but it never happened.

T: Who was the company that were interested?

SB: I ain't gonna put no names out, but the same people that everybody use the equipment from.

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