Interview: Chip-Fu [Nineteen-Ninety-Now Series]
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Date Stamp: October 10, 2007

T: What do you want to accomplish in the music game?

CF: I want to accomplish it all...start my own record company and put out other artists, and teach them what I know so they can pass it on.

T: Do you have any favorite producers? Who's hot to you right now?

CF: Oh, Black Milk is hot, and this producer from Texas called The ARE, and this kid from Canada named Watts.

T: Have you ever performed in Vancouver or any other part of Canada?

CF: Yeah, I performed in Vancouver with the Beastie Boys years back but I got family in Toronto. So, I'm there sometimes.

T: What other genres of music do you listen to?

CF: Music is music, man. I listen to everything and everyone. Music on a whole inspires me.

T: Any last words?

CF: Shout out to all the Fu-Schnick fans, man, I won't let you down. Double album coming called Math. I got a buzz freestyle out called Love Mi Sensi on the Collie Buddz riddim. Blaq Ink is the movement, if it ain't written or done in Blaq Ink, then it's not important. Big up to BK. Shout to the new crew Jungle Rock INT!!

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