Interview: Big Pooh (of Little Brother)
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Date Stamp: March 14, 2008

Thick: Talk about how the three man group became the two man group.
Big Pooh: At the end of the day it was a business decision that was overdo. It had been happening without happening for a while. So, it got to the point where it made better business sense for Little Brother to turn into a two man group and seperate ourselves from 9th for the business of the matter. We still making music together, still made music together after the break-up. As far as the whole legality of it being a three man group, we were running into some problems. And over time people change, your goals change, your aspirations change, and it just happens. It's like a marriage, sometimes people grow apart. All that took place here.

T: What happened with Atlantic?
BP: We did one album with Atlantic. That was just a situation where we tried it out and it didn't work. It didn't work for them, it didn't work for us. At the end of the day we were like, can yall just let us go? And they was like, cool. They not in the business of holding people and obviously we wasn't working for what they had envisioned when they signed us. So, they just gave us release. And we just took it back independent with the latest record. ABB put it out in the US and Koch put it out in Canada. It was just time to go back to the roots.

T: What's the status of the whole Justus League collective?
BP: The whole Justus League thing now is just a name. We had a lot of people who was wanting to do their own thing and that's cool. We only came together as a way of networking with eachother. After a while everybody started branching off and doing their own thing. Dho wasn't really never a rapper or whatever, he's always been a businessman. So, once he got propelled to the role of Little Brother manager full-time, he kind of put all them artist duties to the side for the most part. That's all it was. Some of decided to stick together and some didn't. The ones that decided to stick together ended up becomin' The Hall of Justus, that's the label we have. That's Little Brother, 9th, Pooh, Te solos, the Away Team, Legacy, Joe Scudda, Darrien Brockington, Jozee Mo. So, it was some people who was in the original Justus League and some people that wasn't but they all fam at the end of the day.

T: You still vegetarian?
BP: That was like 2003 maybe. Phonte and myself were practicing vegetarians, trying to change our way of life. By 2005 neither one of us were vegetarians no more.

T: You working on your sophomore solo?
BP: I'm actually in the process of completing my next project now. It's gonna be called Dirty Pretty Things and it's gonna be coming out soon. We got the first single all ready to go. I just love making music. I make so much music, people don't know I record like crazy. I just gotta put the music out. I'm not about holding music to myself and only me and my friends hearing it. That ain't my style. I want the world to hear it. I want the world to hear my progression.

T: Now that there's not a producer in the group, what new producers you feeling?
BP: Of course my man Illmind, my Rasheed Hadee outta Chicago, he real crazy with it, my man Black Milk, you gotta watch out for my man Focus outta the Aftermath camp, and this kid named Gifted out of Greensboro, North Carolina.

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