Interview: Ky-mani Marley
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Date Stamp: March 15, 2008

T: Miami Hip-Hop has been huge for the last couple years, what do you think of the scene?
KM: I'm diggin' it. We there. We got Ricky Ross, we got Trick Daddy, Pitbull, we got Jackie-O, we got Trina. Now they got me but I'm bigger than just Miami...I expand, Africa, South America, Asia, you name it, India, we touch 'em.

T: Do you have a palce in Jamaica again?
KM: Yeah. I have children in Jamaica.

T: How many children do you have of your own?
KM: Of my own? That's not necessarily important (laughs).

T: Who is the eldest of your father's kids?
KM: Sadella, my sister.

T: We recently talked to Issac Hayes son, Ike Dirty and we were asking him if the whole family ever gets together. Does that happen with all the Marleys?
KM: We have done that all our lives. We do that right now. We live in the same neighborhood. So, sometimes I get tired of seeing 'em. I see 'em so much. I'm not joking.

T: What do think of Damian and Stephen's protege Javaughn? You know who I'm talking about?
KM: Yeah, mon, nice. Me know Javaughn for many years, very impressive for a child. I haven't heard the album 'cuz I've been on the road.

T: Has there been a song since Dear Dad that you felt was as important?
KM: Nothing maybe important as that song. No matter if it come and selling 99 million record, it will still never be as important as that song. Lemme tell ya, I'm the one to take your burden, tha's me, I don't release my burden on no-one. So, you see the only way for me to express that and get that off of myself. Writing that song was the hardest and the easiest. Easiset being words flowed like a river but so did tears. That was the first time me really expressed that, and I questioned certain things.

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