Interview: Chester French
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Date Stamp: June 4, 2009

T: What’s it like working with Pharrell?
I just got the first collaboration that we’ve done together in my email today. It’s a song for a Clinton Sparks mixtape we’re putting out for free in the next few weeks so the world can taste our music before they pay for it. We produced the mixtape, it's all original beats we did and on that song I sang the hook and Pharrell is rapping on it.  We have not had the chance to work together in studio but we’ve been around him a lot and he works efficiently and is always full of amazing ideas.

T: What’s the name of the song and the mixtape?
Jaque Jams Vol. 1 and it’s us and Clinton Sparks and the song (with Pharrell) is called Life in L.A. about our experience living in L.A. after the year we graduated college. It's a more melancholy perspective on life out there.

T: Your CD is called Love The Future. What’s the vibe like throughout the disc?
During college we were obsessed with artists who made albums you could listen the whole way through. We didn’t wanna have any filler. None of this, two good songs and the rest is garbage. We’ve got songs that are electrified swing, more orchestral Beatle-ish stuff, and everything flows together with a number of interludes. Max, the other half, scored a lot of it by hand. We did it all ourselves. No features. That’s why we wanted to do the mixtape and do some collabos with P, JD, Diddy, Pusha from The Clipse, Talib Kweli and a number of others. The record is not a Hip-Hop album but the mixtape is. Max and I spent a week in Boston with Clinton Sparks and we just made all original beats and then we sent them out to those who we wanted to be a part of it.

T: The Chester French remix of Jay-Z's Excuse Me Miss was bananas. Did you guys just do that for fun to see what would happen?
There’s a DJ in Boston, DJ Moneybags, so we did it for fun and gave it to him. This is before we got signed. The idea was to do new versions of songs that the Neptunes had produced. We did that and Slim Thug's I Aint Heard of That. When Pharrell heard that he was like, “What the fuck? These guys are doing Neptunes remixes?  It was all complete coincidence. He lost his mind and was all about it. We did that for fun in about an hour and a half and there you have it.

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