Interview: Keri Hilson
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Date Stamp: June 6, 2009

T: I’m dying to know who is handling beats and who is guesting. Fill me in.
Timbo and Polow bring the heat. We kept it mostly in house. Danja Hands is incredible. I did reach out to Roy Hamilton and a few others too.

T: What’s the overall vibe on the disc?
Versatility. Free and fun. You’ll feel what it's like to be in the studio with us. From tears to fun and everything inbetween.

T: Your debut In a Perfect World drops soon and the official second single is Turning Me On with Weezy!
That’s a fun joint! The inspiration behind that is, guys have NO CLUE how to approach a woman. They have no clue. None. And women who act like little immature girls, the ones who give it up too easy, they make it hard for the rest of us. I really wanted to write a song as a script on how to talk to a woman.

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