Interview: N.A.S.A.
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Date Stamp: June 5, 2009

T: Who does what in the studio? What was the process?
Ze would bring records from Brazil every couple of months when he'd come. And we'd have these things called "beat seasons", where we'd sample the records, chop 'em up, start programming drums, lay 'em into ProTools, do a lil' bit of arrangement. We'd do that with as many tracks as we could in the few weeks he was in town. I would finish the tracks, add live instrumentation, do a lot of arrangement, etc. Then we would decide together who we wanted on the songs and then when we actually recorded, we would always try to be with the people that were recording just to kinda keep a certain cohesion to the record. So, it didn't feel disjointed.

T: The song with Tre and Fat Lip seems like halfway to a Pharcyde reunion. Did you consider having them all on there?
We stepped to the other guys but they weren't into it. But that's cool. Those dudes are both my homeboys, Fat Lip and Tre. We did a few songs actually because we were thinking about doing a whole record with the two of them...but it just didn't end up materializing.

T: Have you spent much time in Sao Paolo in the last couple years?
Actually I've been there a lot of times, I love it there. We did a lil' bit of recording down there, we did a lot of record digging down there, and played a bunch of shows down there. That's always so fun because it's so buckwild and people are so much fun there.

T: On top of all the musical collaborators, you also worked with some superstar visual artists for your videos, speak on that.
We've been collaborating with all our favourite artists too in terms of doing music videos and animated bits with them. That's been really cool. Shepard Fairey, Mark Gonzales, Marcel Dzama, Sage Vaughn, all these crazy people. We also shot the whole making of the record, so we're making a film now that combines a lot of the animation and the documentary footage in one long feature length film.

T: After working on a record for five years, are you guys still doing stuff together regularly?
We're doing remixes, we're producing shit for other people together, like we're working on a Spank Rock record. Eventually I'm sure there'll be another N.A.S.A. album, I'm just not sure when. But yeah, we're definitely doing a lot of stuff together still.

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