Interview: Paten Locke
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Date Stamp: December 12, 2009

Thick: Let the readers know how they might be familiar with you.

Paten Locke: I guess from the Smile Rays and Asamov...formerly (known as) Asamov, now the Alias Brothers. A little production stuff here and there; Lif, Ak, Rasco, some other things.

T: So, you were known as DJ Therapy with Asamov, and then with the Smile Rays, now you've changed up the name and you're dropping a solo. Is Asamov still the focus? Are the Smile Rays and your solo just what you're doing between Asamov albums?

PL: The Smile Rays came about because after Asamov put out our record, we were taking a little bit longer than I wanted, I think, to work on our second record...which actually turned out to take forever. So, I was just like, I want to stay busy. I wanna keep doing something. The Smile Rays is basically two friends of mine that I was just hanging around with everyday in the interim, and I was like, we should put something out. We should work on something. It just kinda grew from there. It was real organic. The Smile Rays just kinda evolved, I wasn't thinking it was gonna be another huge project but it kinda turned into something like that. As far as me solo, I never really was pursuing that. I never really put much effort or stock into it because I had Asamov and I had The Smile Rays. I wouldn't say it's something I'm doing in between projects, I'd say at this point it's probably the main focus from here on out. Although there will be projects that I will be completing with Asamov and Smile Rays. But I think right now and from here on out, I'm solo for the most part.

T: So, did you change the name kinda for a fresh start with your solo?

PL: Yep, pretty much. It's cool that people will recognize me maybe from The Smile Rays or from Asamov but I'm not banking on that with what I'm doing with this record or with my solo career. It's kinda like starting over a little bit and it was on purpose. Therapy was a cool Hip-Hop name and it got me through many years but when it was time to do my own thing and have records out, I wanted something a little bit more specific. So, yeah, it's kinda something different and something new. The reset button...the Hip-Hop reset button.

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