Interview: 3OH!3
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Date Stamp: November 1, 2010

photo by Joseph Cultice

Thick: You guys are from Colorado, 303 area code, how does a group from Boulder make enough noise to get on?
Nat: I think that in today's music world, it's pretty easy to make noise from just about anywhere. With the power of online tools like Myspace (I suppose that was a bigger forum for music when we started than it is today) and other blogs, any band, from anywhere, with any recording capacity can put up songs that billions of people have the capacity to hear. That's a pretty incredible thing! My friend Kris Barman said it pretty well, he said that, "If you're music is good, and/or different, and you put it online, people WILL find it." That's a pretty empowering thing for developing bands to think about!

T: Your song Don't Trust Me has a lyric about Helen Keller that got you banned from some radio stations. Did you consider making an edit after that?
N: We did. Some radio stations dropped the word entirely on their own, some bleeped it. It's really, REALLY hard today to have an iron grip over that kind of censorship. As much as I would like to draw a distinct line and say that no radio stations are allowed to play our song if they censor us, it simply won't happen. They will play it, and they will adapt it to their markets, because at the end of the day the songs that they spin are money makers - they gain a lot of money from advertising and sponsors, and they have a very impersonal and diabolical system for determining what gets played and what doesn't. In the end, I think people who are hip to what we are trying to do will get it, and even if a word is dropped or cut out, they'll understand what's going on.

T: You guys are known for your collaborations with other artists. What was it like working with Ke$ha and Katy Perry?
N: It was great working with those girls! We met Katy and became really good friends on the Warped Tour in 2008, which was both of our's first "real" tour. We had been looking for a time and place to work together, and that happened in LA when we did a remix of our song Starstrukk. She has such a wonderfully rich and powerful voice; it was such a pleasure to record her singing! Kesha we met in LA, about two years ago when we wrote My First Kiss. We had written the line, and wanted a girl to do the response to it. The producer we were working with knew her, and thought she would be a good stylistic fit with us, so she came in and sang the line. She is really fun and genuine, and it's been a real treat to be her friend and watch her career explode!

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