Interview: David Dallas
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Date Stamp: July 15, 2011

Thick Magazine's New York correspondant Rack-Lo (of the infamous Lo-Lifes) caught up with New Zealand Hip-Hop artist David Dallas at his New York album listening party earlier this summer. Peep what he had to say...

Thick: So, for all our readers, let them know what you're bringing to the table, your style, your sound and where your hailing from originally?
David Dallas: I come from New Zealand. My mothers of Samou decent. So, that's the main thing that I represent. As far as what I try to make, I try to make smooth stuff thats is reminscent of the stuff I grew up listening to. I grew up loving records like Snoop's Doggy Style, artists like Prodigy from Mobb Deep. I just liked dudes who sounded smooth. So, everything I try to do, I just try to make make smooth music. I guess there's a lot of R&B stuff in my music as well because I grew up listening to all that '90s R&B and all that stuff that was on the radio. So, that melodic stuff comes along in my sound as well.

T: So, you originally started out in New Zealand, so what was the purpose of your move to the United States?
DD: It was just basically for more ears. Because I'm not the only (Hip-Hop) artist, there are other talented (Hip-Hop) artists from my country. And it feels like none of them have had any sort of platform and I always felt like that was a shame. Being that our country is so small, and reaching only people in New Zealand and Australia, it's difficult to really live off of it and many artists have to give up because there's not enough people to hear the music. So, that's main thing, I just want as many people as possible to hear the music.

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